sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011


I’ve always thought that when communicating on the internet we have to be very specific and clear, because it has happened to me that because we don’t have a way to see the facial expressions or to listen to the tone of voice, some misunderstandings arise. So every time I communicate on the internet I try to be very careful with the words I use and if it possible try to make them sound softer in case they might be interpreted as something else. Of course, now that I have read more on netiquettes I am much clearer, I have learned a lot of things that we can use or that we shouldn’t use when writing on the internet, and it has been very helpful, but of course everything improves with the practice.  :D

In the society there are always rules to follow for everything, to make a registration, to drive, to behave in a public place, and even to communicate, therefore we have the speaker and listener rules which helps move along a conversation in a good way. Just as we have rules when talking face to face with a person, we have some sort of rules or guidelines that we should follow to keep a good and nice communication on the internet. Some are not aware of this, but yes, even on the internet we need to follow certain rules so we can keep a good communication without offending, attacking, or causing any misunderstanding. 
So when writing on internet be aware of:

Capital letters are used for shouting
Try to make messages short, you can use abbreviations to do that.
Make use of the emoticons to add personality to the messages.
Be conscious on what you are posting.
Don't respond to flames.
Do not send spam (it is very disturbing to be receiving unwanted emails)
Forgive bad spelling
Do not use images or content without permission
Remember that what you post can be seen by any public.


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  1. Hey. Nice clear and straight to the point post. "Rules" are sometimes a bit intricate, nebolous or heavy-handed. However, they can help quite a lot especially when communicating in online environments lacking of gestures and body language.

  2. You posted a very clear reflection about netiquette and after I read it, I reflected again about rules. In our modern society, some people frequently break some of the speaker and listener rules using their cell phones and BB in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The worst, it is becoming a common practice. We, as teachers, have the must of preparing our students to take into account rules, especially in online environments.