miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Evaluating and Selecting Websites

Evaluating and selecting material is one of the teacher’s tasks because we are constantly looking for new material to be used with our students, each year searching for a book that is more updated and appropriate for our group, for information that might expand their knowledge and are more attractive, for new activities to make them practice, for new lectures, etc. And in order to do that we need to carefully look and study those materials and make sure that they will be accurate for the lesson that we’ll teach.
When using the web we need continue doing this job of evaluating and selecting, the only difference will be the kind of resource being studied, because now this material or resource will be from the WEB. So don’t think that because it is on the web it is totally reliable and that there is no need to carefully study and it will just take a few minutes to select anything from the web and give it to our students.
When teachers select a website they need to be aware if it is accurate for the lesson that will be taught, if the content (language, images) is appropriate for the students, if it is relevant, if it has any distracters, if it works some of the skills or components, if it is a reliable source, if it is easy to handle for students, etc. However, please do not be scared and do not think it this will bring you a bigger job, I am sure that with the use of the web classes will turn out to be more effective and nicer.

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  1. That's right Fanzi. The idea is not to scare teachers or students off the web. However, taking a good look at a website and separating out what's good from what's fake or inapproriate won't harm anybody.