miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Integrating the Web

Our teaching can become more effective if we integrate it with the technology since it provides us  a wide variety of resources that we can use to improve our classes, make the lessons we are teaching more interesting, more accurate, and depending on the case simpler. But of course to be able to make this integration possible we need to be aware of certain aspects: the cost of the resources and licenses, the way students will access to the technology, the teacher’s skills on handling such technology, and the updating of the resource being used with students.
And never forget that the main thing that you should consider is to conscious of the lesson you are teaching because depending on that you will determine if it appropriate to integrate it with any learning technology, which one suits better and the way in which it will be used, and this indeed leads us to the planning part where we need to think and establish which are the activities that students will carry out along the lesson and how.

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  1. I hear you totally. Integrating LTs in the classroom goes beyond a fad or what's cool in the ELT world. It requires training, developing skills and considering infrastructure and resources (e.g. hardware, software).